Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #4

Players admit steroids change the game

This article talked about conspersy that poeple with records was on steroids while acheiving them. They took some surveys and asked the public if they should be stripped of their records because of the steroid use. Almost 80% said they should be stripped or be notted about the steroid use. People beleive that they set the records because of steroids. But no one can tell of they used steroids or not.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #3


This article talked about the cyclist Floyd Landis wining the Tour de France and then being tested positive for steroids. He still won the race. This article also talked about kids taking steroids just to get bigger. Some kids are not even taking steroids for sports. Thier just taking it to look bigger and stronger. Alexander G, said that there are other ways of looking better then taking steroids. Like eating habits, and even working out harder.

Annotation #2

Toxic Strngth

This article talked about a short story of a young man almost killing himself because of steroids. He was depressed from the drug and didn't know what to do. They found him on the edge of a high way looking down about to jump. Other then that the article talked about how steroids can make you so much bigger. You can gain up to two pounds of muscle mass a week.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation #1

Steroids- Still fuel Win-At-Any-Cost Attitude

This article talked about some of the hisrty of steroids. Since about 10 years ago when the last survey was taken, steroid use has dropped. Maybe beacuse its harder to detect steroids in athletes or maybe thier just not doing it any more. Athletes are finding ways to almost hide the drug in their system. But the NCAA has came up with a new machine that tests even the slightest amount of steroids in a human body. It can also trace steroid use back to at least two months ago.